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08/08/17 172

BAA Press Release
British Aggregates Association Profile - Voicing Support - August 2017
2- page article in latest  Construction & Civil Engineering magazine (pp52-53).
BAA is operated daily by people experienced in all aspects of the minerals industry providing essential support and advice on health & safety, technical, planning and regulatory issues. 

Download pdf

05/07/17 171

BAA Press Release
Record attendance for our Annual Meeting and AGM 
Marriott Forest of Arden, Warwickshire, Monday 19th June 
Inspiring Keynote Address from Digby Jones

Meeting Programme pdf
Speaker Profiles pdf

Press Coverage
Quarry Management -
BAA Annual Conference 2017 pdf
August  BAA Conference part 2 pdf

Minerals Planning -
  Early Engagement is Key to Success  pdf

Photos from the seminar (Download as.jpg)
(*Kind courtesy of Eric Bignell, Quarry Management

Morning Speakers: image
Jim Davies
Victoria Bankes Price
John Wilkinson
Mike Phillips

Afternoon Speakers: image
Rupert Craven
Peter Dorans
Helen Barnard
Mark Osbaldeston
Julie Stone
Lord Digby Jones

BAA Operating Standards Awards 
Longwood Quarries, Leics (Laurence Carmichael)
WCL Quarries  Muckley Corner, Staffs,  (Mark Deadman) view
Harleyford Aggregates Sipson Quarry, Heathrow, (Dan Folley) view
BAA Quarry of the Year Award - Longwood Quarries view
Eric Darlow hands over Panel Chair to Steve Cole view
Delegates at the 2017 Annual Gathering (There are 3 pics)


13/04/17 170

BAA Press Release
BAA Offering Experience and Expertise to help SMEs
Trefor Evans Comment in April print edition of Mineral Planning magazine

Download Article  pdf

18/01/17 169

BAA Press Release
UK SME Quarries Plans to Keep the Gritters Running – and Ready for Flood Defences

Updated database 18.01.2017 available here: pdf / excel / zip

Quarries are once again supplying fine aggregates to local authorities and highway agencies to treat iced up roads and pavements.
Quarry grit was the traditional method of dealing with snow and ice before the use of salt became commonplace. Although it does not melt ice in the same way as salt, it is environmentally friendly and ideal for providing grip on slippery surfaces. Assistance is also available to the environment agencies to supply both good sand, and bagged sand for food defences

Download Press release  pdf

03/01/17 168

BAA Press Release
"Unintended Consequences". BAA Director Robert Durward revisits some of the problems brought about by the Aggregates Levy. Published in Quarry Management, January 2017 pdf

24/11/16 167

BAA Press Release
Significant Progress in Aggregates Levy Challenge 
We have successfully overcome two challenges (from the Commission supported by the UK government) to appeals lodged at the EU General Court.  BAA have written to Chancellor Philip Hammond restating our preference for a negotiated settlement.

Download Press release  pdf

01/07/16 166

BAA Press Release
Another Cracker of an Annual Meeting and Hillhead! 
BAA AGM Palace Hotel, Buxton Monday 29th June 2016 
Hillhead Stand P17 Tuesday 28th – Thursday 30th June

Programme pdf
Speaker Profiles pdf
Venue jpg

Press Coverage

Quarry Management  July
A Packed Programme

Mineral Planning     August
Safety and Nature Focus for BAA pdf 
28th June   - 1st July
Quarry wins top award
Automation problems hit quarries pdf
UK Skills in Big Demand    pdf

Photos from the seminar (Download as.jpg)
(*Kind courtesy of Eric Bignell, Quarry Management

Morning Speakers: image

image Brit Wagstaff
image David Taylor
image Mark Dowie
image Nick Warren
image David Stockdale
image John Mills
image Emma Taylor

Presentation of Quarry of The Year Award (Hugh King) and Operating Standards Scheme Safety Awards (Cloburn and Hugh King
Awards Chair, Eric Darlow MBE

Afternoon Speakers: image

image Lili Pechey
image Tom Cleary
image Rob Donnelly
image Julian Smallshaw
image Martin Layer
image Jim Davies

Delegates at the 2016 Annual Gathering (There are 3 pics)

image1 Delegates
image2 Delegates
image3 Delegates

30/10/15 165

BAA Press Release
Aggregates Levy - BAA to appeal European Commission decision
BAA to Fight On The British Aggregates Association (BAA) has filed an appeal against the recent Phase II Aggregates Levy Decision by the EU Commission..

 Download Press release  pdf

18/09/15 164

BAA Press Release
Aggregates Levy - BAA to appeal European Commission decision
The recent Phase II decision  decreed that all the exemptions, except shale aggregate, complied with state aid despite a great deal of evidence to the contrary. The appeal will be heard in Luxembourg during 2016, and the London Appeal Court November 2015 hearing  may have to be postponed

 Download Press release  pdf

20/07/15 163

BAA Press Release
Aggregates Association Defends Cartel-Busting Concrete Trucks
BAA has come out strongly in support of volumetric concrete mixer trucks; and has labelled those calling for additional regulation as being ‘anti-competitive.’   The need for some additional regulation is recognised. It would be both equitable and sensible for volumetrics to undergo annual MOT inspections and for their drivers to hold HGV licences. .Anything further may be more about competition concerns than health and safety.
Download Press release  pdf

09/07/15 162

BAA Press Release
BAA Breaks All Attendance Records! 
BAA AGM Marriott Forest of Arden Hotel, Meriden Monday 29th June 2015 
Programme pdf
Speaker Profiles pdf
*Image Venue  

Press Coverage

Quarry Management August 2015 "Lessons to be Learned"pdf
Aggregates Business Europe 3rd July "BAA stage successful 2015 AGM"pdf
Mineral Planning August 2015 "BAA examines safety in quarries" pdf

Photos from the seminar ( Download as.jpg)
(*Kind courtesy ofSimon Chan, Quarry Management)

Morning Speakers::
*image Jo Mankelow (British Geological Survey)
*image Hugh Carson (Ecton Mine Educational Trust)
*image Mike Young (Hope Construction Materials)
*image Brian Duthie (Key GeoSolutions)
*image Richard Lashmore (Knights)
*image Caz Jewell (Nature After Minerals)
 image Gathering of the morning speakers

Presentation of Quarry of The Year Award; and Operating Standards Scheme Safety Awards(4)
Awards Chair, Eric Darlow MBE
*image Chris Henderson, Sherburn Stone, Helbec Quarry
*image Chis Wainwright, Longcliffe, Bone Hill and Brassington Moor   William Thompson & Son, Sheephill Quarry
*image Morning session delegates
*image Morning session delegates
.image Morning session delegates

Afternoon Session
*image Roy Bush (Health and Safety Executive)
.image Cath Pickett (Health and Safety Executive)
*image Adrian Wilkinson (Quarry Design)
*image  Adrian Keeling QC (No 5 Chambers)
*image Phil James (Institute of Quarrying
*image Emma Bellingham  (Institute of Quarrying)
*image Julian Smallshaw (Institute of Quarrying)
*image Afternoon Speaker Rollcall

Delegates at the 2015 Annual Gathering

*Image Afternoon speaker delegates
*Image Afternoon speaker delegates
*Image Afternoon session delegates

.Image Hunyandi display in Courtyard
*Image Anyone for Golf?

25/06/15 161

BAA Press Release
Reinstatement of exemptions - consultation
On 27 March 2015 the European Commission published a press release announcing its conclusions that all but one of the exemptions for the aggregates levy were free of State aid.  It  found that the exemption for shale was not justified when it was deliberately extracted to produce aggregate or when produced as a by-product of the quarrying of any new material which was itself subject to the levy.  The Commission decided that shale should not be considered to be commercially exploited as aggregate (and therefore should be excluded from the levy) when a by-product of coal extraction, when used in ceramic processes, when used as a source of aluminosilicate in the manufacture of cement or when demonstrably used for purposes other than aggregate. 

Download Press release pdf

150623 TIIN 6032 aggregates levy pdf
150623 EN (reinstatement) pdf
150623 EM (registration) pdf
150623 Clause (reinstatement) pdf
150623 Regulations (registration) pdf
Operative part of Cion decision pdf

10/06/15 160

BAA Press Release
Supporting Business Innovation
Since its inauguration in 2000, BAA has grown to some 115 members and offers a wide variety of essential national services. There is a feature article in the June edition of Mineral Planning magazine ahead of the Annual meeting on 29 June at the Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel. 

Download Press release pdf

02/04/15 159

BAA Press Release
Aggregates Levy - Another Milestone for the Association 
Last week’s EU Phase II announcement, which found illegal State aid marks yet another significant victory for the BAA.  Although it will be some time yet before the full text of the decision is published, it is clear that the foundations of the Levy itself have now been cracked.

Download Press release pdf

22/10/14 158

UKMF Press Release
Experts Call for a National Minerals Strategy to Meet the UK's Needs
(Download here)

  • A multi-stakeholder group of experts has looked at how to ensure a steady and secure supply of minerals to support the UK’s population and economy in the years to 2050 in the new report Future Minerals Scenarios for the UK.
  • The Group’s findings and recommendations will be reported to the CBI Minerals Group - Living with Minerals 5 Conference in London on 17th November 2014.

Download the report here
Download Conference  Flyer 
Download Booking Form

09/10/14 157

BAA Press Release
EU Directive Costing Lives

The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC) is a new EU requirement for professional bus, coach and lorry drivers designed to make our roads safer - but it has backfired and made them a great deal more dangerous instead.
Download Press release pdf   
Download BAA article pdf

16/09/14 156

BAA Press Release
BAA Signs up to the campaign for a  fundamental reform of the Business Rates System
There is a full page advertisement on p10 in today's (16th September) Daily Telegraph (see here) -  BAA is North of Ann Summers and next to Ladbrokes the bookie.
Business rates are higher than property taxes anywhere else in Europe and are the second highest in the OECD. This is a critical problem for all of British business and the current system of business rates is no longer fit for purpose for the 21st Century.
Sign up here

15/09/14 155

BAA Press Release
UK Roads About To Become Much More Dangerous

The BAA has asked the Department for Transport (DfT) to postpone and EU Directive before lives are lost.  
Press Release pdf.
Response from The Department of Transport letter pdf
Press release 15.09.2014 pdf  
Letter to Transport Minister, Patrick McLaughlin. pdf
Article in Commercial Motor. pdf
Vehicle Accident Data Analysis. xlsx
Sources of Information.pdf

02/07/14 154

BAA Press Release
BAA Scores Another Resounding Success!
BAA AGM Palace Hotel, Buxton Monday 23rd June 2014 
BAA AGM June 2014 Palace Buxton Programme pdf
Speaker Profiles pdf
Press Coverage 
Something for Everyone Quarry Management August 2014 pdf
Keeping Your Health in Safe Hands  Mineral Planning August 2014 pdf

Photos from the seminar ( Download as.jpg)
(Kind courtesy of Steve Adam, Quarry Management)

image Delegates at the 2014 Annual Gathering

Morning Speakers::
image James Spencer  (Fuel Trading)
image John Leeson (SLR Consulting)
image Anthony Elgey (MP-Futures)
image Scott Dugan (Command Alkon)
image Andy Price (Sibelco Europe)
image Attentive Delegates
image Pensive delegates
image Cath Pickett (Health & Safety Executive)
image Gathering of the morning speakers

Presentation of Operating Standards Scheme Safety Awards by Awards Chair, Eric Darlow MBE
image Colin Morrow (Barr Industries)
image Roger Cullimore (Moreton C Cullimore)
image Mike Lowe (Summerleaze)
image Barry Wilson (E & E J Glendinning)

BAA Annual Golf Trophy
image James Lodge (Tuckwells) 2014 winner on left and Mike Hodges (Sherburn) 2013 winner

image Morning session delegates
image Morning speakers recall!
image Lunchtime beckons

Afternoon Session
image Ruth Allington (GWP Consultants)
image Julian Smallshaw (Institute of Quarrying)
image Paul Sutton  (Institute of Quarrying - Australia)
image Paul Wilkinson (The Wildlife Trust)
image Julian Clapp   (BDS Marketing Research)
image Afternoon Speaker Rollcall

17/02/14 153

BAA Press Release
Britains's SME Quarry Operators Assist Flood Protection
Download as PDF
Road Gritting and Sand Bag Database Feb 2014
Download as PDF

10/02/14 152

BAA Press Release
Quarry Industry told "Get It In Writing
Download as PDF

04/02/14 151

BAA Press Release
BAA issues a warning to companies with partial or full exemptions from the Aggregates Levy. The only sensible outcome is for the UK to scrap the levy altogether.
Download as PDF
The legal opinion from Herbert Smith Freehills - Recovery of aid
Download as PDF

12/12/13 150

BAA Press Release
UK Quarry Industry Again Plans to Keep the Gritters Running
Quarries across the UK are once again supplying fine aggregates to local authorities to treat iced up roads and pavements.
Quarry grit was the traditional method of dealing with snow and ice before the use of salt became commonplace. Although it does not melt ice in the same way as salt, it is ideal for providing grip on slippery surfaces.

British Aggregates Association director Robert Durward;
“Spreading quarry grit will prevent accidents and reduce pressure on stocks of salt. For this reason we have also re-issued the database of BAA companies in a position to assist”
It is also possible to use farm machinery to spread the grit meaning that many more roads and pavements can be treated than would otherwise be possible. Quarry grit has no adverse effect on the environment and can be recycled once the ice and snow have melted.
Download as PDF

15/11/13 149

BAA Press Release
BAA meeting with HM Treasury officials
Association calls for current Aggregates Levy to be replaced by 10p per tonne levy across the board
Download as PDF

18/10/13 148

BAA Press Release
HMRC Brief 31/13 -Suspension of certain aggregates levy exemptionsTreasury Questionnaire for responses by 15th November 2013 (pdf)

18/10/13 147

BAA Press Release
Aggregates Levy Update
Download as PDF

27/09/13 146

BAA Press Release
Time to Scrap the Aggregates Levy
BAA has  issued a further Press Release (also covered by AggNet) asking that government abandon this deeply flawed tax - and avoid Northern Ireland, and many others in the UK minerals industry being caught for the tax and potentially for 11-year back-payments to meet EU state-aid rules!!  This follows the HMRC briefing note (13th) warning that they are looking to suspend current exemptions.
Time for the wider quarry community to muster support from MPs and our friends and colleagues ahead of parliament resuming on 8th October and our High Court case the same week!

23/08/13 145

BAA Press Release
HMRC in Denial Over EU Investigation
Download as PDF

14/08/13 144

BAA Press Release
BAA Safety Scheme Gains Momentum
Safety Scheme Gains Momentum August 2013

27/06/13 143

BAA Press Release
BAA AGM Ramside Hall Hotel, Durham Monday 24th June 2013
BAA AGM June 2013 Ramside Durham Programme
Record Turnout at BAA Conference 
Quarry Management
magazine August 2013
An enlightening day in Durham
Mineral Planning magazine August 2013

Photos from the seminar
Image 01 (jpg) Martin Layer (Smiths of Bletchington)
Image 02 (jpg) Jim Davies (Environment Agency)
Image 03 (jpg) Phil James (Institute of Quarrying/MPQC)
Image 04 (jpg) Liz Harris (RSPB/Nature After Minerals)
Image 05 (jpg) Thomas Clifford (Atkins)
Image 06 (jpg) Eric Darlow MBE and Steve Cole
Image 07 (jpg) Peter Huxtable (BAA) with morning speakers
Image 08 (jpg) Delegates
Image 09 (jpg) Delegates
Image 10 (jpg) Delegates
Image 11 (jpg) Delegates
Image 12 (jpg) Copter demonstration
Image 13 (jpg) Copter demonstration
Image 14 (jpg) Delegates
Image 15 (jpg) Copter demonstration
Image 16 (jpg) Copter demonstration
Image 17 (jpg) David Gartside, HSE Board
Image 18 (jpg) Mark Osbaldeston, Derby University
Image 19 (jpg) Andy Sales, BDS Marketing
Image 20 (jpg) Peter Barkwill (Wainwrights)
Image 21 (jpg) BAA Safety Winners (L to R),

Wallace Menzies (Tillicoultry), Steve Cole (Raymond Brown), Eric Darlow (Award Committee Chair), Martin Freestone (Middeltons) and David Glenn (Huntsmans)

10/05/13 142

BAA Press Release
BAA granted permission for full hearing in Court of Appeal
There will be a three-day hearing at the Court of Appeal in October to try to overturn the 2002 Justice Moses judgment against the Aggregates Levy.
BAA press release, April 2012 Hearing note,  Press comment from AggNet.

14/03/13 141

BAA Press Release
BAA tells Chancellor scrapping the aggregates levy would assist Government growth agenda
For your information press coverage in AggNet  further to our letter to the Chancellor ahead of next Wednesday’s budget.
Access the article here

28/02/13 140

BAA Press Release
Aggregates Levy
With the budget due this month (20th) we have written to Chancellor George Osborne asking that the levy be repealed and ahead of the court case in April. We note that this would a welcome boost to growth in the beleaguered construction industry not least in the public sector which uses over half of UK aggregate output.
Currently the levy is set to increase to £2.10/t from 1st April.
Access the Treasury Letter 25 Feb 2013 here

24/08/12 139

BAA Press Release
Government 'in denial' on aggregates levy
Mineral Planning also report on the situation
."The government consumes 60% of aggregate output in this country, so it is the public sector paying the money not the private sector: in effect it is taking the money from one pocket and putting it another." 
Access the article here

24/08/12 138

BAA Press Release
Aggregates Levy  - BAA refutes HMRC Business Brief  21/12 
Coverage in AggNet this week over the so-called ‘clarification’ statement by HMRC . ‘This changes nothing and BAA will continue to challenge the right of the Government to collect this tax.’ Our case goes to the Appeal Court in London in order  to overturn the 2002 Justice Moses judgment in the High Court; and a two-day hearing is scheduled April 2013. 
Access the HMRC article here. (HMRC website - in new window)
Access the Agg Net article here
Access the BAA statement here.

03/08/12 137

BAA Press Release
BAA AGM Palace Hotel, Buxton Monday 18th June 2012
"Stand and Deliver - QM reports on the BAAs 2012 Seminar Proceedings"
From August's Quarry Management
Download as.PDF
BAA Hosts Sector Overview" - Alison Carter reports on the BAA meeting
From August's Mineral Planning
Download as.PDF

BAAs Annual meeting a big success
From Aggregates Business Europe
Download as.PDF

13/07/12 136 BAA Press Release
Consultation on the IfA Standard and Guidance for Archaeological Advice
BAA Response .PDF
12/06/12 135 BAA Press Release
BAA Intervenes in Quarry Liquidation.PDF
Skye Aggregates RSM Tenon 31-5-2012.PDF
20/03/12 134

BAA Press Release
BAA Calls on Chancellor to Suspend Aggregates Levy PDF

09/03/12 133

BAA Press Release
BAA Wins Aggregates Levy Case PDF

20/12/11 132

BAA Press Release
New Updated Road Gritting Database Dec 2011 Download as PDF

01/07/11 131 BAA Press Release
SME Operator Reaction to MPA proposal (Quarry Management letter August 2011)Download as PDF
MPA Proposes New Sustainability Partnership Download as PDF
22/06/11 130

BAA AGM Rutland Water Monday 20th June 2011
"BAA Heads for an Innovative 2011" Report from Alison Carter in August's Mineral Planning magazine - download as PDF
"BAA Conference" From September's Quarry Management - download as PDF.
Photos from the seminar - from Steve Adam courtesy of the magazine of which any further reproduction should quote the source.
General 1 - download as jpg
General 2 - download as jpg
John Baxter and boat - download as jpg
Julian Smallshaw - download as jpg
Laura & Simon - download as jpg
Mike Phillips - download as jpg
Laura Cameron - download as jpg
Bill Bolsover - download as jpg
John Barritt - download as jpg




BAA Press Release
UK Quarry Industry Again Keeps the Gritters Running Download as PDF

21/09/10 128

BAA Press Release
BAA Receives Further Recognition of its Site Competence Audit Scheme Download as PDF
CPA BAA Award 2010 Download as PDF

10/09/10 127

BAA Press Release
Trade Association Defeats UK Government in EU Court Download as PDF
BAA Briefing Note
BAA and the Aggregates Levy in Northern Ireland Download as PDF

10/09/10 126 BAA Press Release
Glendinnings receive highest safety award for excellence from BAA
Download as PDF
09/09/10 125 BAA Press Release
BAA Welcomes OFT Investigation into UK Aggregates Market
Download as PDF
12/08/10 124 BAA Press Release
BAA award to Cullimores' Roundhouse Farm operation, Wiltshire on 4th August
Download as PDF
12/08/10 123 BAA Press Release- The Glorious Twelfth
BAA Annual Meeting – Small  Quarries Prove Profitable
Further coverage in Augusts' Mineral Planning.
Download as PDF
06/08/10 122 BAA Press Release
BAA Annual Meeting – Small is Beautiful
There is an excellent coverage of our June Buxton meeting in August’s Quarry Management.
Download as PDF
09/07/10 121 BAA Press Release
BAA awards for competence should be seen as industry Oscars
Download as PDF
11/06/10 120 BAA Press Release
Time To Scrap The Aggregates Levy
Download as PDF
02/06/10 119

Aggregates Tax -  Letter to Chancellor Osborne
We have written this week asking that the Levy be repealed in his 22nd June emergency budget. As a result of the virtual collapse of private sector construction the percentage of aggregates going to the public sector is now around 70% of the total.  This means that the bulk of the revenue from the Levy is simply going from one government department to the next.  Plimsoll report that more than one third of all quarry companies are now "at significant risk" In addition the recent ruling by the EU Court almost certainly means that the Levy will have to be scrapped anyway. Why prolong the agony?
Letter to to the Chancellor - Download as PDF
BDS Analysis Report - Download as PDF

10/02/10 118

From Mineral Planning February 2010
Three prominent pieces in this month's magazine -
1 -Alison's editorial on "Quarry gold dust (grit) to the rescue in the freeze"
2 - Peter's comment column on "Looking for an Industry Champion;
3 - Report on the concerns on Mine Waste debacle and letter to Minister Hilary Benn.

12/01/10 117

BAA Press Release
UK Quarry Industry Keeping Gritters Running
Download as PDF
BAA Road Gritting Supply Database has been sent to all National Highways' Agencies, Local Government and Airport Authorities, Government Salt Cell; and DfT, AA and others as authorities unecessarily cut-back on gritting as winter continues! Download as PDF

08/01/10 116 BAA Press Release
Aggregates Levy – Final Nail in the Coffin?
Download as PDF
17/12/09 115 From Mineral Planning - December 2009
The December edition of Mineral Planning has a special feature with focus on BAA members Cloburn, Ennstone Thistle and Geddes and their community efforts - penned by BAA associate Willie Booth of Dalgleish Associates.
Download as PDF
26/11/09 114 BAA Press Release
BAA Safety Scheme Comes Good
Download as PDF
02/10/09 113 From HSE magazine Quarry FactFile 41, September 2009.
BAA Assessment of Operating Standards in Quarries
Download as PDF
05/08/09 112 From Quarry Management - August 2009
BAA Conference - Report on the Assocation's 2009 seminar proceedings,
Download as PDF
Photos from the seminar - from Steve Adam courtesy of the magazine of which any further reproduction should quote the source.
download as jpg
Speakers 1- download as jpg
DSC05195 - download as jpg
DSC05196 - download as jpg
DSC05198 - download as jpg
DSC05199 - download as jpg
DSC05200 - download as jpg
DSC05206 - download as jpg
DSC05207 - download as jpg
DSC05212 - download as jpg
DSC05216 - download as jpg
24/07/09 111

BAA Press Release
Aggregates Levy Update
Download as PDF

19/06/09 110 From Contract Journal - 17 June 2009
'Rocky Road Ahead' by Paul Thompson
Download as PDF - this is a large fle and will take a while to download
11/06/09 109 From Mineral Planning - June
BAA comment "Planning against Recession hampered by Regulation in the Mineral Industry"
Download as PDF
24/04/09 108 From MQR e-bulletin
Agg levy frozen as Treasury continues greenwash
Download as PDF
20/04/09 107 Construction News 16 April 2009
Material prices Could Rise Again Soon
The South East undemocratic political movement to reduce aggregate output challenges the government's managed aggregate supply system - and threatens future supply to the region and the Olympics build!
Download as PDF
16/03/09 106 Legal Observations on the ECJ Judgment.
Overview and Executive Summary
Download as PDF
27/02/09 105 From MQR e-bulletin
BAA asserts pressure on Treasury over levy
Download as PDF
24/02/09 104 From MQR Magazine Jan/Feb 2009
Aggs Levy Boycott "strong possibility" - front page and editorial - Download as PDF
When the Levy Breaks - feature article - Download as PDF
06/01/09 103 BAA Press Release
Aggregates Levy Judgment Could Cost Treasury £600million
Download as Word or PDF
23/12/08 102 BAA Press Release
Aggregates Levy Judgment Holes Eco Tax Below Waterline
Download as Word or PDF
24/07/08 101 From Construction News 24 July 2008 - Author Paul Thompson
Aggies industry gets fresh hope of overturning levy
Analysis -Its time someone scraps this unjust tax
Download as PDF
18/07/08 100 BAA Press Release
BAA Legal Challenge supported by Advocate General.
Download as PDF
16/06/08 99 From Cotswold Water Park Life - Water Park Personalities - Roger Cullimore
Download as PDF
30/05/08 98 BAA Press Release
BAA hopes for a better deal over archaeological pre-determinations with the new industry/heritage Practice Guide
Download as Word
21/05/08 97 From Construction News - 21 May 2008 Author Paul Thompson
Court ruling gives go-ahead to cement price fixing case
Download as PDF or see article
23/05/08 96 From Contract Journal
Cement cartel victory could boost UK claims
Download text as PDF or see article
23/05/08 95

From E-Quarry Management Issue date: May 21st, 2008
Cement firms lose bid to dismiss cartel lawsuit
Download text as PDF or see article

17/05/08 94 BAA Press Release
Cement Cartel Success Boosts UK Claims
Download as Word or PDF
17/04/08 93 From MQR E -weekly
BAA calls for cut in WRAP funding
Download as PDF
17/04/08 92

From MQR E-weekly
Tories meet aggs bodies for levy weakness probe
Download as PDF

04/04/08 91

The Road Transport Directive - A Warning
BAA warn of the damage being done to the aggregates industry by this EU Legislation and the current UK government position.
Robert Durward's letter to the Editor of QMJ published in this month's magazine p8.
Download letter as PDF

11/03/08 90 BAA Press Release
Country braced for 22% Increase on Quarry Stealth Tax
Download as Word or PDF
17/01/08 89 From QM Bulletin - 16 Janaury 2008
Brussels votes for common sense on soil
Download as PDF
10/01/08 88

BAA Compliance Scheme reported in the latest HSE Quarry Fact File from Steve Cole's presentation to the last QNJAC meeting in October 2007.
Download as PDF

19/11/07 87 Article from CBI Minerals in today's "Minerals and Mining Supplement" of The Times
Download as PDF
11/10/07 86

BAA Press Release
Cornish mining school develops safety system for UK quarries
Download as PDF
Accompanying photos
From left to right - Andy Price (WBB), Jon Bennett (CSM), Richard Bird (BAA)
Download image1(jpg) image2 (jpg)

21/0/907 85 From Construction News - 19 September 2007
Recycles aggies 'cost taxpayers too much'
Download as PDF
07/09/07 82 From MQR - July/August 2007
"BAA - Voice of Independents"
Download as PDF
07/09/07 83 From MQR - July/August 2007
SMEs the superassociation; when the levy breaks
Download as PDF
07/09/07 84 Press Abstract from Quarry Management - September
Argument continues over cement investigation
Download as PDF
26/07/07 81 BAA Press Release
A Trade Association with too much Information
Download as Word or PDF (Company report available in members' area)
18/07/07 80 From Mineral Price Watch - July 2007
EU addresses rising raw material shortage.
Download as PDF
12/07/07 79 From Construction News - 12 July 2007
Cut in sustainability fund angers quarries
Download as PDF
06/07/07 78 From Construction News - 5 July 2007
Call for OFT cartel probe into concrete and cement
Download as PDF
06/07/07 77 From QM e-Bulletin - Hillhead Review
Health and safety was also a key theme on the British Aggregates Association stand. . . . .
Visit Hillhead website for more
06/07/07 76 From Contract Journal - 4 July 2007
BAA launches quarry compliance scheme
From Construction News - 5 July 2007
Health inspectors plan to home in on smaller quarry firms after accidents rise
Download as PDF
03/07/07 75 BAA Press Release
Quarry Industry Looks to the Armed Forces for tomorrow's Managers
Download as Word or PDF
01/06/07 74 From QM Bulletin - 31 May 2007
Manufacturing left behind in planning changes
Download as Word or PDF
01/06/07 73 From Planning magazine - Comment
Planning white paper falls short of detail needed to press ahead.
Download as PDF
23/03/07 72 BAA Press Release - Man in Green Mask Raids Quarry Industry
Download as Word or PDF
22/03/07 71 From Construction News - 22 March 2007
Article 1 - Competition investigator looks at cement supply - Paul Thompson
Article 2 - Quarriers blast plans for green assessment - Paul Thompson
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19/03/07 70 BAA Press Release - British Aggregates Association Launches Cement Market Investigation
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21/12/06 69 MQR Article December 2006
Time to wrap-up WRAP?
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21/12/06 68 MQR Article December 2006
Happy Christmas! The levy’s rising
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24/11/06 67 From Construction News - Paul Thomspon- 24 November 2006
UK aggregates body set to take its fight against the Government to the European Court of Justice
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24/11/06 66 From Contract Journal - 22 November 2006
BAA continues fight against Aggregates Levy
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24/11/06 65 BAA Press Release - Aggregates Association to Appeal Levy Decision
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02/11/06 64 From Construction News - 2nd November 2006
Euro tax decision will hurt other sectors, say quarriers.
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02/11/06 63

MQR Article - October 2006
Legal challenge very much alive says BAA
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13/09/06 62

BAA Press Release - Aggregates Levy Judgement - No end in sight for stealth tax
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18/08/06 61 BAA Press Release - Date Announced for Aggregates Levy Judgement
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10/08/06 60

BAA Press Release - Communities and businesses to suffer from Peak District Nimbyism
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19/07/06 59

From UK Construction Vol 9 No 5
British Aggregates Association - The Effective Association
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18/05/06 58 From Construction News - May 18 2006
European judges to issue final aggregates tax decision in the summer
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11/05/06 57 BAA Press Release - Legal Decision Spurs On Quarry Industry Claims
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AGL Notes - Download as PDF
20/04/06 56 MQR Article - Defra shrugs shoulders over levy shortfall
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20/04/06 55 MQR Article - Prepare for Levy Victory advises BAA - quarriers should lodge tax claims
MQR Article - Quarriers call for PGS exemption
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30/03/06 54 From Construction News - 30 March 2006
Operators in rush to beat the March 31 deadline for making refund demands Quarriers in hurry to lodge stone tax claims
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23/03/06 53 From Construction News - 23 March 2006
Six month wait for EU agies tax ruling
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16/03/06 52 From Construction News Comment- 16 March 2006
Here's hoping they scrap the aggies tax
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16/03/06 51

From Construction News - 16 March 2006
Quarriers claim back £1.3bn tax
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16/03/06 50 BAA Press Release- Quarry Companies Seek Repayment of Aggregates Levy
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09/03/06 49

From Construction News - 9 March 2006
Quarriers condemn 'crafty' planning tax
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15/12/05 48

From Construction News - 15th December 2005
Quarriers blast site inspection charges - Government plans for checks costing over £1,000 a year are 'a slap in the face’
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15.05/05 47 From Contract Journal - 14th December 2005
Quarries to pay for site monitor visits
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13/12/05 46 MQR Article - Quarries welcome directive success
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13/12/05 45 From Mineral Planning - MPS1: BA review December 2005
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03/11/05 44 From Contract Journal - 2 November 2005
Lack of government planning policy will force quarries into court action.
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20/10/05 43 BAA Press Release - The British Aggregates Association has commissioned Wardell Armstrong to investigate and comment on the impact of Good Neighbour Agreements on mineral operations in Scotland.
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20/10/05 42 BAA and MIRO report published for Engaging Independent Aggregate Operators in Research and Development.
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04/10/05 41 BAA launches new website
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28/06/05 40

BAA Press Release - Quarry supply companies under threat
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22/06/05 39 Is this the wrong kind of sunshine? Employers may well ask.
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15/06/05 38 Divided we fall - Robert Durward
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20/04/05 37 From Contract Journal - Stone quarries suffer as slate dominates market
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15/04/05 36 From Quarry Management - Government report confirms lack of environmental evidence for aggregates levy
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08/04/05 35 EPIC Press Release - EPIC Awarding Body is accredited to award the revised HSE NVQs for the Extractive Industry
Download as Word or PDF
01/04/05 34a From Contract Journal - Quarry firms count cost of archaeological digs.
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30/03/05 34 DEFRA Press Release - DEFRA news release - £29m to reduce impact of quarrying on the environment
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30/03/05 33 Waste not, want not - BAA Press Release - Environmental Agencies declare recovered fuel oils to be a waste!
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15/03/05 32 BAA Press release - Archaelogical digs becoming a bigger problem.
Download as Word or PDF
10/03/05 31 From Minerals Planning Magazine - Information digest for the technical press
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10/03/05 30 From Construction News - Report fuels calls to scrap aggregates tax.
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25/02/05 29 MQR Article - Industry Slams Levy Optimism
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11/02/05 28c From Quarry Management - BAA calls for assurances over MPS1
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19/01/05 28b Letter to Secretary of State - Road Transport Directive
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15/12/04 28a From Contact Journal - Suppliers slam Brown's view of Aggregates Levy, Treasury criticised for claiming environmental success from 'perverse' market distortion.
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06/12/04 28 Minerals Policy - Statement SPS1, Planning & Minerals - Consultation Paper
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06/12/04 27 PBR - Pre-Budget Report 2004
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12/11/04 26b From Materials World - Ticking timebombs
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07/10/04 26a

From Construction News - Poor roads are UK's greatest killer
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17/06/04 26 DTI - Big problems ahead for UK Aggregates Industry
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14/06/04 25 Planning - Environmental Management Guide for the Aggregates Industry
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09/06/04 24 Contract Journal - Soaring oil prices affect the industry.
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25/02/04 23 Legal Action - BAA Takes Legal Action Against Government's Proposed New Scheme for Relief from the Aggregates Levy in Northern Ireland.
Download as Word or PDF
15/12/03 22 Mineral Extraction - Archaeological Digs and Mineral Extraction Restrictions
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10/03 21

NI Aggregates Tax - Report for Customs & Excise

23/10/03 20 Water Bill - Re-wording of bill in correspondence with Tom Levitt MP and Elliot Morley, Minister of Environment.
Download as Word or PDF
04/10/03 19 Daily Telegraph - Daft Tax Does Own Dirty Work. Gravel producers hit as levy prompts illegal quarrying.
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10/09/03 18 Research Funding - Joint BAA / MIRO Research fund announcement for SME Quarry Operators.
Download as Word or PDF
11/07/03 17 Environment Tax - Key findings of Membership Survey
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09/05/03 16 Inquiry - BAA welcomes decision to examine Aggregates Levy.
Download as Word or PDF
02/05/03 15 NI Review - Northern Ireland Tax Review one year on - government press release.
Download as Word or PDF
12/03/03 14 BAA Demands Review - The British Aggregates Association (BAA) has written to Gordon Brown demanding that the Treasury conduct a full public review of the aggregates levy.
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17/12/02 13 Customs U-turn - Customs and Excise have been forced to rescind a damaging new ruling that would have hit a number of quarry operators, thanks to the vigilance of the British Aggregates Association.
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12/12/02 12

Waste Consultation - Government action on waste flawed.
Download as Word or PDF

05/11/02 11 Treasury "Mistake" - Treasury admits 185M mistake as Aggregates Levy fails to deliver the expected revenue.
Download as Word or PDF
19/04/02 10 High Court Verdict - Mr. Justice Moses  took 4 hours to deliver his judgment on the challenge brought by the BAA and two other companies. Although he found in favour of the Government he was critical of many aspects of the levy and gave leave to appeal. A particularly damaging act by the Quarry Products Association also came to light during the proceedings.
Download as Word or PDF
29/03/02 9 High Court Action - The 3 day hearing in Number 1 Court of the Royal Courts of Justice in London  concluded on the 27th March and the Judge intends to issue his verdict as soon as possible, hopefully by the middle of April. Despite appeals from all sectors including the CBI and two Labour Ministers, Treasury have refused to delay the introduction of the levy until after the verdict is handed down.
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11/02/02 8 Legal Action begins - BAA have appointed London's leading litigation law firm Herbert Smith and one of the foremost practitioners in the field of competition law Gerald Barling QC to have Aggregates Tax declared illegal. Papers were lodged in the High Court in London.
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10/08/01 7 Quarry Tax Burden - Dundee Courier article highlighting the potential impact of the Aggregates Tax on small quarries.
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15/02/01 6 Stormont Address - BAA Director Robert Durward receives a warm welcome from Northern Irelands Politicians. The audience includes the Finance Minister and the Minister for the Environment.
"It is time we brought the Scottish MSPs  to Stormont to see how it should be done."
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12/03/01 5 Budget Analysis - Budget 2001, The BAA looks at some of the background issues to Aggregate Tax. "A breathtaking blend of ignorance and hypocrisy."
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07/03/01 4 Treasury Letter - "Mistakes have undoubtedly been made, but it is surely now up to Government to act in a detached, professional manner and in the best interests of the country as a whole."
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24/01/01 3 Commons Speech - A speech given by the Director of the BAA to the Associate Parliamentary Aggregates Committee at the House of Commons  "putting the record straight,"  is well received by a mixture of Members of Parliament and Industry representatives.
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07/11/00 2

Environmental Taxation - Government policy confused.
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15/01/01 1 QPA Policy - BAA does not support QPA policy of seeking a rebate from Aggregate Tax, "It is the road to nowhere".
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